BBC radio: Tokyo women declare ‘sex strike’ during governor vote

Japan Times journalist Jake Adelstein told BBC Radio 5 live’s Up All Night: “There’s a huge gender gap, and he kind of personifies the gender gap.”

※男女平等(ジェンダー・ギャップ)指数ランキング(2013年)によれば105位 The Global Gender Gap Report 2013 (編者注)


Jake: He has numerous problematic statements in the past. The most problematic was that women were not suited to have public office because they menstruate once a month and during that period they are abnormal and uncapable making decisions. He said most of the women win elections are old unneeded hags, and he blagued about cutting welfare for single mothers.

BBC: Are there no women’s groups or feminist groups outraged by this?

Jake: There are, and there was a disputed campaign with website titled “we won’t have sex with men that vote for Masuzoe” that clacked all the idiotic things he said over the years, but the mainstream Japanese media ignored it, so it was taken up with great humor by the west. And he won, by not a landslide but by a good deal.

BBC: Is it because there is an underlying misogyny in Japan or because it’s a man’s world there that they can’t get away with?

Jake: Well, there’s a phrase in Japanese called “Danson-Johi” (respect men, look down on women), and in terms of gender equality, in overall 132 countries Japan ranks 108. There’s a huge gender gap, and he kind of personifies the gender gap.


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